Our Team

A company of ambition is nothing without the right team to deliver it. Our people are a can-do, will-do band of experts with a determination to do things differently. We are not simply building another infrastructure business, we are working together to set a new benchmark in digital connectivity throughout Europe. This requires people prepared to challenge, to innovate and to pull-together.

Join us and do more than just build a business, build Europe’s full fibre future.

Employees attitude

  • Sure we can-do it!
  • The quality of service is always in focus!
  • This is the best technical know-how solution for this project!
  • We never miss our deadline!

One Team, One Dream

We focus on developing our team members to be a part of One Team. By investing in them our individual employees learn to think a behave like the one which results in One effective team! That’s what being employed in INTELLICO is all about.

Yes, we do search for motivated and skilled people

All over the world, we look for talented individuals to take our company into the future. We carefully select people who have the right motivation, skills, and experience to thrive in our dynamic and diverse environment.

Our selection process is thorough but fair, and we strive to make applying online as simple as possible. 


That’s the reason for us to drop all advanced requirement software and just kept it simple. Are you the one we are looking for, please send us an email to and mark it with a proper header. The way you mark your application is the first step to be qualified.