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Fibre To The x

We provide integrated telecommunications solutions and services in FTTx. (HFC, FTTx, FTTB, FTTH). SDU and MDU Rollout.

  • SDU / MDU
  • Rolled out for >50.000 homes
  • Basic / Detail Engineering
Lower cost

Turnkey FTTx Service

We manage your FTTx roll out from start to finish with a delivery model that has been developed through the experience of 50 thousand homes and businesses passed encompassing the full spectrum of FTTx rollout, from scope definition and High-Level Design right through to Network Testing and Certification.

Turnkey Stages

  • Scope Definitionwe consider all client challenges and with our particular experience and design led approach, we can assist with establishing the most appropriate Design & Build guidelines for successful project execution.
  • Basic and detail design expertise and best in class tools ensure the right network architecture blueprint, accurate routing, and risks are designed out . We provide high level design, detailed design and an automated design service for rapid design iterations.
  • Surveyaccurate technical information critical to the success of the project.
  • Planning Putting the tools and processes in place, managing wayleaves and permits, identifying construction constraints and risks are key elements of the planning process.
  • ValidationTesting and conducting trials ensure refinement of designs and process.
  • Materials Selectionwe take into account quality and ease of deployment as critical components in the selection process. Provision of accurate BOM for cost certainty.
  • Build Managementwe’ll manage and resource the build phase to ensure delivery to design parameters and success metrics.
  • Network Testing, Acceptance and CertificationHandover of best in class network on time and to budget.

Some interesting numbers

Our record and achievement within FTTx so far.

meters of fibres
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